Hello there!

I am an UX/UI designer, design consultant, photographer, growth hacker, and a friend who truly cares.

This is what I do

I am a creative with years of experience in visual design. I help many businesses and startups improve their products & services by creating engaging designs across all platforms by applying agile methodologies, crafting brands that elevate industry standards, and executing campaigns with consistency and careful attention to details.

My creative journey all started with my curiosity for human interaction, connectedness, and motivation. Aside from living and breathing design, I spent a lot of time learning on topics such as the psychology of consumer habits, audience growth, and how to build an outstanding brand.

When I am not designing, you can find me behind a camera, a book, a tutorial or spending time with my beautiful friends and family.

I Believe in …

– Witty and inspiring quotations
– Smooth and seamless digital experience
– Brands that inspires and empower
– Negative/white space is my bestie
– Openness that assumptions are false
– Continuous learning
– Putting myself in the end users’ shoes, heads, lunch bags … to ensure that I “get them” before creating solutions